Subject: Excellent Training
Nice place to learn BIG Data - HADOOP. The basics were covered very clearly. The instructor is so patient and he repeated the concept many times until we catch the concepts. Excellent!!
Post By: Akash_Soar
Subject: Crystal Clear teaching
Instructor explains everything in a crystal clear manner , I would highly recommend him as a trainer for any one who has plans to learn Bigdata and Hadoop concepts.'
Post By: Debanjan
Subject: Excellent
Training is up to the standard.
Post By: Test2
Subject: Excellent training
This is good Training. Way of teaching is good
Post By: Test1
Subject: Excellent Training
Our instructor does his part of homework very well with writing notes in advance which he refer in the class, giving the extra time of discussing extra topics in the session. Thanks to him for the efficient work.Thank you.
Post By: Sreekanth
Subject: Excellent
Its been a great course. The time invested was of great use. Very thankful to DBTechnosolutions. You will be remembered :) Thank you.
Post By: Gowtham
Subject: Excellent
The flow of the session is very systematic and very thoughtful. The way Instructor started the session and smoothly dragged us in to the subject is commendable. Through out the session, he was a very energetic and answered each and every question very patiently
Post By: Umakanta
Subject: Excellent
It is really good, instructor is very energetic and clear in his explanation, has patience to answer everyone's question, does not hurry to wrap up (which is really good). As all of us has joined DBTechnosolutions with lot of expectation, It is really good
Post By: Raju_Pachigolla